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The first thing everyone looks at is the price, rightfully so!  Prices can range greatly from very cheap to very expensive. So what is the difference and does it really matter?

No surprise, it does matter.  You can guarantee the cheapest facilities provide the least amount of services.  Pretty simply, you get what you pay for.  So when you think storage like I did, I figured why would I care about things like cleanliness, the calibre of staff or snow removal.  I am barely there!

It didn't take long for me to figure it out.  The cheap facility actually cost me more just from the move in.  The narrow lanes meant my movers had to wait for a car ahead of them to finish unpacking into the unit beside us.  So I paid for two additional hours of movers sitting and waiting.  The narrow lanes were so bad I could barely make the turn and ended up bumping along side one of the buildings. That cost me.

The cheap unit also provided 24/7 access, which sounded great.  Well, that access was never used by me. I latest I was there was probably 8pm.  That did allow the less honest group easy access to clean out not only my unit, but five other units over night. Everything gone.  

"So when I say beware of cheap, I mean it.  Going 'cheap' cost us dearly."

Don't go the most expensive as those are often large corporations, but an honest local company that has great staff and security.

5x5 Storage Unit


Small units, great for seasonal items like tires or  yard items.  These are very popular.  Students often choose these for summer break storage.  Also great for storing paperwork or files, be sure to use pallets or something on the floor though!

5x10 Storage Unit


Small units, once again used often for seasonal storage items like tires or golf clubs. Sport equipment.  If you feel creative in TetrisĀ©, a lot of furniture can be stored in these units.  Bikes and seasonal are the most common for easy access and finding what you need.

10x10 Storage Unit


The most popular unit size next to a 5x5. The size is perfect to organize with proper shelving, used by many businesses for inventory storage.  A very good multi use storage unit size, adaptable to your needs.

10x15 Storage Unit


A good start for moving, a typical condominium unit storage size.  These units can storage couches, beds and most boxes for a move or downsize.  Also, small cars can be stored making it a safe and convenient winter storage idea to keep your baby safe.

10x20 Storage Unit


Used for two purposes, a house move or vehicle storage.  Very popular over the summer months due to house moves, provides lots of room for a great price. Setup some shelves, and it is your garage away from home!

When shopping for storage, here are some benefits that BRITEBOX Storage Co. provides to their customers.  It is our choice for storage, but feel free to use it as a guide and set the bar where they do.

  • Online payments, convenient and safe. Easy to update payment methods.
  • iOS and Android Gate app, such a cool idea. Open the gate from your phone or Apple Watch!  For Free!  
  • Bright LED high powered lights.  I can't explain how useful this is. So many storage facilities cheap out on this, at night the customer is the one that suffers. BRITEBOX Storage invested a lot of money in the best lighting while being green!
  • Yard maintenance, snow removal the same day and general overall appearance.  If a storage facility doesn't maintain this, then that is worrisome.

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