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BRITEBOX Storage facilities avoid the 24/7 hour access for everyone.  Your property needs to safe and secure, by controlling the access hours of our facilities they can provide a greater sense of security.  All of their facilities are accessible from 6am till 11pm, every day of the year.  If you may need in a little earlier or later, contact their team and they will set up the best accommodation for you.

And BRITEBOX Storage has an app to open the gate, FREE!

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Business &

Personal Storage

A well rounded Storage Facility needs to accomodate both the commercial customer and the personal storage customer.  

A good balance between both provides the best experience possible.  Heated and non-heated units, drive-up or hallways access.  There are so many options!  Which is great for you! Each has a benefit so it depends what you need most.

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Location is important for a few reasons, the main one being peace of mind.  You won't likely ever check your unit on a daily basis.  It is nice however, to be able to drive by and feel good that your property is safe and secure.  Storage facilities along busy roadways are generally more secure than ones hidden deep in industrial areas with low traffic flow.  

BRITEBOX Storage facilities are located along busy roads and are the best lit facilities at night.

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